My Books Recommendations

Rediscover the pleasure of reading. Reading is a mean to break free from social media and wasting our time online. So reading books helps me to be less addicted to the screens. Basically reading makes us to be more focused and being less distracted in my life and being focus on things that matter both personally and professionally.

The Daily Stoic

366 quotes for each day of the year from Seneca, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius compiled in a book. The quotes are about self improvement, art of living, meditations, wisdom and philosophy. I personally read one quote a day in the morning or evening. The Stoics lived in antiquity and I found quotes relevant to our modern times.

Think And Grow Rich

This book is one of the best sellers of all times! This book is an inspiration in telling famous people’s success stories. Like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie. Explaining how some of the most successful people like Business men, Inventors and CEOs became successful with few tools and no much education. This version is a 21st Century one and makes a comparison to the most famous people of our Century like Bill Gates and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

From Nothing

This book from Ian Pribyl is my guide for an entrepreneur career online. So I learn all steps from scratch without any background or informatic degree on how to create an online business. So this book is very clear on descriptions about all steps needed on creating an online business. This gives me positivity and expand my horizon while still having my 9-5 job. This book really helps, so that’s why I recommend it to people. But I’m still in the learning process through this book and honestly I never thought I would gain these skills one day in my life.