I’ve been to Tenerife for 4 days and it’s one of the most memorable trip. Discovering lush and lunar landscapes on the same island is breath-taking. Beautiful sceneries and the sea fills me with joy and never stops me for contemplation. In all my trips I’ve never been that far with 4 hours 30 min flight from London. Tenerife is the largest and most populated island of the archipelago of the Canaries. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the Capital of the autonomous community of the Canaries islands. The Guanches are the original people of the island. The Guanches are Berbers origins and spoke their own language.

My Hotel

The view from the top of my hotel in Los Gigantes with the Island of la Gomera on sight!

The cliffs of Los Gigantes near the hotel. Sometimes sailors come close to them. By the way there’s also a hiking area on top. The hotel was really nice with comfortable bedrooms with a gym, 2 swimming pools and a miniature golf. There is a grocery shop and a Lidl a five minutes. There’s a pedestrian street in the middle of the building with shops.

La Playa de La Americas

Here is one of the most famous beach of Tenerife called la playa de las Americas. Located in Los Cristianos, this black sand beach like we can find in Iceland is due to the volcanic activity. Caution black sand burns the feet with the Sun!

Siam Park

Siam Park is one of the major attraction of the Island. It’s one of the best water parks in the world! You can find it in Adeje. Most people spend the day there. There’s an artificial beach with artificial waves. Many attractions to spend a good time. Siam Park has slides for all type of persons and for all ages. The first

Aside of the attraction, Siam Park offers a beautiful scenery with fish basins and stunning greenery.

Parque Del Drago

I love visiting Parks in general and discovering local wildlife. We stopped by Parque Del Drago which is one of the main parks on the island. The Park was designed between 1997 and 2000 by two university professors. It houses the diversity of plants and trees of the Canaries islands. The most famous tree is the Drago Milenario which is more than 1000 years old and it’s one of the symbols of Tenerife. The tree was declared monument in 1917. The tree has been on a submission to the UNESCO world heritage since 2002. Drago in Spanish means Dragon. This Park is worth a visit!

Tenerife has many banana trees fields across the island which are the leading crop of the Canaries islands. We can’t miss the Bananas fields while driving there. For me it was the first time I saw Banana cultures for real. The climate is subtropical at this part of the world and It was my first time in a hot country. In my visit in this park I discovered Papayas as well can grow at this latitude. And of course Cactuses are part of the wildlife as the climate is mainly dry.

The Park house a cave at the viewing point of the park where you can spot a Guanche mummy. It turns out it’s a replica of a mummy. Guanche people used caves as their homes, but also as their burial-grounds. This aim to show history of the people and its burial procedures and rituals.

Inland landscapes

Tenerife has a variety of landscapes with many spots to explore and many alleys to sneak in. This diversity of sceneries is absolutely gorgeous. There’s so much to explore on the island. The Inland territory is so vast and you can spot and go hiking to the Mount Teide which is the volcano and highest point of Tenerife (3715m). The volcano last erupted in 1909.

Driving there can be complicated as the roads are very narrow and you come across many tourist coaches on your way.

During your driving you can find spots where you can stop at viewing points and contemplating the greatness of the rocky mountains and the sea in the background. It’s absolutely breath-taking! I couldn’t get enough. We had a limited time of 4 days of exploration but I wouldn’t mind staying longer as my thirst of exploration and adventure is limitless!

The Seaside

The seaside got many spots and the turquoise and light blue colour of the sea was dazzling. I’ve never seen such beautiful blue colours. There’s some places where the sea is calm and I found it quiet relaxing and for the the sandy beaches were perfect.

The picture above shows a natural basin where people can have a swim. Swimming in there was like I was living my dream life lol. and you can swim with fishes. But beware this is very rocky.

Urban life

Driving in urban areas is relatively easy. Everything is accessible and not really far. The Capital is Santa Cruz de Tenerife since the 19th Century.

The architecture of Tenerife was influenced by Portuguese and and and Andalusian with balconies at many houses and rooftops. The use of pine wood is common and Arabic style rooftiles as well. The architecture reflects Mediterranean and North African style.


My conclusion after this trip is that it helped me to fully recover from a severe flu and ear infection. It really helped me to fully go back on my feet and to start the summer season. It helped me after a difficult Winter season with low energy and energy and stress. My mood got better after the trip and gave me good memories to remember. It mainly brought me healing and getting the vitamins from the Sun there was really helpful and I realized how important it is. And the last Winter period was full of teachings that will lead me to great things. This trip was a tipping point in my decision making journey. So I decided by the next Winter I will take Multivitamins Gummies and Magnesium supplement to help me to stick to my goals and being consistent.

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