The Daily Grind

Simple things in life makes us happy

Simple things in life can make us feel happy. Joyful memories, the good weather, meaningful conversations. There’s a lot of things that can make us happy and we can’t enumerate them all. We have all different tastes and anything can be source of satisfaction. Even though sipping a drink can be satisfying. Having a laugh with someone can make a day. Even a kind gesture can make a day and treating people as we would like to be treated ourselves. Since I’m working with customers this one is very important to me

Sharing with others whatever it might be is for our own pleasure. We feel the happiness within us and we see those deeds as a self-accomplishment. In our daily routines (work, transport, home) it’s relevant because we do everyday the same thing, same processes, same stuff, same people. For many people days are pretty the same. You can check my article to learn more and how implemented a winter daily routine. So in a nutshell whatever good we do comes back to us in any way.

Forest on a sunny day looking towards the sky

Being Focus

Meditation and prayer helps me to focus in my daily life. Also exercise drives me more focus. Focusing on positive things when I wake up every morning makes the difference for my day ahead. So your feelings and thoughts in the morning are key and decisive although I’m working in a fast paced environment which can makes me stress. But stress is a normal feeling everyone can have. Despite being stressed sometimes it gives me more focus in my life and my tasks at work.


Undoubtedly we can manage to be happy in our lives. Having goals is the most important thing for my happiness. Thinking about my goals makes me happy each day when I wake up in the morning. There are the reasons for me to wake up and jump up from bed. Whatever we do and we say both in the morning and evening shapes our subconscious minds. However the days we face is up to us on what we do, think and feel. We can control our lives and not being controlled by it. Feelings and emotions also shapes us. Despite stuck in a daily life we don’t want, we have the power to change it.

The daily grind (Work, transport, home) we face everyday can be in our control and changing it. I realized I didn’t like it and decided to have a different approach in having new habits to change my life step by steps. I have faith and a burning desire for change in my life in. Of course the daily grind can be stressful and may appear out of our control. For me life is not about what happens to us but about how we react to what happens to us.

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