I visited Edinburgh for 3 days on November 2023 to discover the city and especially its old town. This trip was a mean for me to escape from the hustling and bustling London. I saw pictures from Edinburgh before and I found it interesting. In fact I’ve always wanted to visit it! The dark and grey architecture there is beautiful. History is my cup of tea so this kind of medieval town has always been my interest. So I decided to jump on a coach to take me straight there for a 9 hours journey from London calling at Leicester, Leeds, Newcastle and other cities. I couldn’t get enough of admiring the amazing landscapes especially after crossing the Scottish border on the seaside.

For me this trip was important for me before cracking on the upcoming festive season at work. I found this trip important because it’s also good for my wellbeing taking some time away before facing the winter and its short days. It is proven, travelling lowers stress level, increase creative talents and breaks negative cycles in our lives by simply getting out of daily grinds wherever we travel.

Day 1

On my arrival I went straight to the mall in the city centre called St James quarter. My youth hostel where I stayed in was in the middle of the old town at an easy location near the train station. I was lucky to stay near the large Park surrounding the Edinburgh castle. When I saw the Balmoral hotel, I told myself it’s the Big Ben of Edinburgh lol.

Day 2

The second day was my proper exploration day of Edinburgh. Kicked start the adventure at 7AM by climbing the 823ft height hill in Holyrood Park. Exploring landscapes in Scotland is somethings I’ve been keen to do. For me there are the most beautiful in the UK. Holyrood Park is the best spot for panoramic view of both the sea, the city and the hills surrounding it.

My first impression was excitement in looking forward to see the view on top. But that wouldn’t be without effort. Since I go to the gym early in the morning twice a week, this exercise is not deterrent as I love contemplating the nature and wildlife and telling myself I will raise the challenge.

Ounce I reached the stop I was full of amazement and joy and said “wow”. Then I decided to head toward the old town through the beautiful outskirts. Passing by St Giles Cathedral and Tolbooth Kirk to reach Edinburgh Castle.

When I reached the Edinburgh Castle, I had an amazing view as well. It’s the second view spot of Edinburgh. The narrow street nearby are fantastic. For me the old town is fabulous and magical. It’s like an open air museum. It’s the heart of the city. Curiosity for historic places is in my genes. It turns out it’s more than 1000 years old! Most medieval buildings were preserved although some renaissance architecture were built and 18th/19th Century buildings included.

After getting down I decided to walk around below the Castle through the greenery. I found a cemetery called cemeterio king’s Stables. It’s a 19th century old graveyard. The view there is absolutely stunning!

I followed the greenery to reach the main park of a break.

When arrived at the main park to take a break I walked by the Scott monument.

The Park is enjoyable to walk in and the Autumn colours were so beautiful and the weather was sunny. With the Balmoral hotel facing the scenery. The view from this spot is gorgeous. I spent a large amount of time there enjoying the view and the weather. I sat down and had my snack.

Later in the day I decided to go to the Royal Botanic garden of Edinburgh. As I love nature and wildlife in general and wasn’t disappointed to see the local vegetation in Autumn in the middle of streams of water and ponds. The Park is very relaxing and for me it worth a visit at any season.

Ounce the visit done I walked back to my youth hostel to rest as I walked all around the city all day to be ready for the inbound journey back to London the next day.

Day 3 and conclusion

The 3rd day I had a final stroll in the centre of the city. Before heading to the bus station I contemplated the beauty of the architecture and the vibe which is different from my daily life in London. I helped me to reset and refocused myself both professionally and personally in getting positives emotions after taking some time away. Travelling doesn’t just create happy memories it’s way beyond that. Even travelling on my own I have more time for myself and for me it’s taking care of myself as well. Edinburgh is for me a city that worth a visit at any time of the year. The weather can often be wet and stormy but the charm and the beauty of the area makes the climate less important to visitors.

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