Grand Mosque of Paris

Moroccan style is the type of architecture for the whole masterpiece. So It is a whole masterpiece of condensed Islamic arts we see in many buildings in the Islamic world or Islamic arts we can see in Spain or Sicily. The Grand Mosque houses aside of the main prayer room a patio and a lush garden with a stream of water running in the middle. The design is an inspiration of a quoted verse of the Holy Quran many times “Garden under which rivers flow”. It’s basically the main description of heaven in the Quran. The garden is beautiful to see at any time of the year!

The peacefulness of this Mosque attracts me to there. Used to be my spot back then, I couldn’t get enough contemplating the patterns and the artworks. It used to be my spot for reflection, taking a breath in the hustling and bustling Paris. I could feel the peace in walking in this terrestrial imitation of the Eden Garden. Hearing the sound of the running water is peaceful and satisfying. I do recommend a visit there and passing by. A north African restaurant and a hammam (Women only) are part of the complex. So for me North African gastronomy is the best! It all brings a kind of sunshine and warmth in our hearts in Europe. Seeking knowledge in the Muslim culture is important so the Mosque also got a library and an institute.

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