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Fasting has many science backed benefits for health. Of course weight loss is one of the benefits but we will explore deeper. The most famous fast is Ramadan which is the Muslim fasting period which I’ve been doing for many years. Ramadan is more than abstaining from drinking and eating but we also abstaining ourselves from bad conduct and swearing. If we do so we deliberately break our fast. We aim to elevate our spirituality during the month which leads to self-improvement and discipline. So Ramadan is for me the best period to shift bad habits into good ones. Fasting is universally present in all cultures and traditions in the world from East to West. The form of fasting which is growing more and more in popularity is the intermittent fasting. Unlike Ramadan, you can drink during an intermittent fasting which consists of a schedule between eating and not eating.

However in this year 2024 Ramadan I challenged myself in doing a social media detox. As we live in a connected world of instant gratification and distractions, I found interesting to challenge myself. Distractions from our phones are the worst things in our day and age. On top of that we expose ourselves to the negativity going on in the world. Which leads to stress and anxiety as well as being less focused on our lives. In this article I will breakdown the benefits of fasting and my insights and benefits and lessons I’ve learned.


In a modern world of instant gratification and instant pleasure, fasting may relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Some studies found that fasting for religious reasons can impact mental health positively. Daily prayers elevate your spirit especially the night prayers at the Mosque. The Ramadan routine helps me to take it easy and being less stressed by the ambient environment. So my focus is on myself and my inner core. Above all it makes me more aware of my negative thoughts and feelings to let them go out of my body.


The health benefits of fasting include sugar control, neurodegenerative disorder and protection against cancer. Controlling sugar in fasting may reduce the development of type 2 diabetes according to a 2023 study. The study involved 209 people fasting 3 days a week. In fact they discovered an increase of insulin sensitivity in these people. Fasting also reduces blood pressure for cholesterol levels which reduce risks of heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide.

The most amazing benefit for me is the boost of brain function. It makes me more focus on myself and my inner core which I explain above. Actually this is what I realised while working on my projects. I unleash my creativity and potential more easily. So the proofs are 2018 and 2021 studies on animals. Finally fasting can reduce development of cancer according to the American Cancer Society. It increases chemotherapy effectiveness

The outcome of my Ramadan 2024 challenge

As I challenged myself during Ramadan 2024 with cutting myself off social media and news. I realised I have my space in my head for creativity and focus. I improved my writing skills and works on creating logos and posters. The lesson I draw this year is I have to push myself out of my comfort zone to succeed in my life. We are so much attached to the distractions around us which can entertain us. Especially social media and news. Things in the world are going fast, the world is changing quickly. At a point to make us deviate from our goals and aspirations. I’ve learned to focus more on myself and my wellbeing. I listened more to my inner core to unleash my potential leading me further more closer my goals.

After Ramadan I applied new principles and approach regarding distractions and social media. I never start my day scrolling aimlessly to start my day. I know it’s tempting waking up with the desire of what’s going on in the world and stuff. Most of us use social media to keep in touch with family as well. So it’s quite difficult to stop scrolling as well. I was telling myself if there’s something important, I would be receiving a message. Being out of social media is for me a preservation from aimless distractions and negativity. Despite following positive contents on Instagram, X (Formerly Twitter) and Facebook. I found interesting the way it created more space in my mind as I describe above.

Springboard against adversity

I aim to literally brainwash myself with positive stuff in the morning before facing the world surrounding me. Reading became my favourite friend to improve myself everyday. In order to remain calm and controlling my reactions and emotions to the chaos. Life is a test to make us grow in all areas of our lives. When fasting I enjoy the simple things in life, for example a simple glass of water. I can look at it but not drink it. When I break my fast in the evening, just few dates, a glass of water and eating slowly.

It reminds me the simple things in life which are insignificant by the fact of not drinking and not eating during the day. I realise that a mere glass of water to quench my thirst. As well as with few dates and a not heavy meal are enough for me to replenish myself. I feel satisfaction at the end of the day after work and my side hustle. The end of the month for the occasion of Eid I was proud of myself. Proud for sticking to my challenge and took new resolutions for my life. Taking care of myself and restrict social media to the afternoon. I am also thinking about doing the intermittent challenge!

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