Define your path

In this article I want to explain why choosing a path is important towards success is important. Have you already wondered “What I am doing or what can I do aside of my 9-5 job”. Especially when your life becomes an endless circle (Job-Eating-Sleeping). For me I knew I had untapped talents but didn’t know how to explore them. I’ve had enough of this daily routine and even not exercising and got bored in my life. I found challenging for myself of doing nothing else.

Arrived in London 6 months before the Pandemic in 2019 and had to go through this period. The Covid-19 Pandemic challenged me because I couldn’t work in anything I wanted. In order to keep a stable situation I had to work very hard in a warehouse job where I’ve learned a lot both personally and professionally. It actually taught me resilience and confidence in my abilities in carrying out duties. Ounce the Pandemic over I jumped on the opportunity of working in my company’s shop.

I’ve learned a lot in this role and brought me even more confidence. I’ve also learned about myself and my abilities in dealing with the unknown. We never know how days at work will unfold. Anything can happen. We never know what type of people we will deal with or anything like that when we get out of bed in the morning.

I remember one of my teacher back in the day saying “We have to love the unpredictable”. I started to understand that there’s no reasons to stress to stress about anything out of our control. But we can control our thoughts and we way we react to the events in front of us. And not drawn by the negativity of some people everywhere we go to. It’s possible to achieve that! It takes a lot of work and discipline on ourselves. Discipline is what it takes to achieve our goals. No matter what I see the good in every situation.

Set yourself a vision

As mentioned above I didn’t know what to do of my life in the every day’s life boring circle. It’s called the autopilot mod. I started to set myself a vision and how my life would be in the next 5 or 10 years. And of course in the best positive way and visualising me in the best version. The noise around us doesn’t matter despite everything that might make us think the opposite of what we want to become.

I stopped having attention to negative conversations around me. I reduced my scrolling daily. Reduced my attention to the media and the current affairs. All these elements affect the mood and our focus on our own lives. I noticed this in my own perspective and how it influence the average people.

Comfort is our best enemy in disguise. Discomfort should be a conquest of ourselves in order to grow and change our lives. Having goals is amazing in a sense that we give a meaning to our lives. The outcome doesn’t matter. What matter is the efforts we put to evolve. So having a vision is not exciting without taking actions everyday. Everyday I do positive affirmations to empower me and to keep me in inspiration. I am more careful in the way I dress and present myself. I keep inspiring myself in the person I want to become in the future.

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