Embracing challenges with the power of thoughts

Awareness is our true nature by essence. Through my readings but also the YouTube content I watch changed my perception of the world. A lot of inspiration come to me with the fact of brainwashing myself with positive stuff every morning. We can slow down and analyse our negatives thoughts by taking deep breaths. Meditation is the best tool to analyse and processing my negative feelings. I can be difficult and challenging to control our thought, but in fact YES we can control our thoughts. Especially by being aware of the fact that our thoughts becomes things. The situations, the life we have and everything happening to us in the present moment are simply the manifestation of our previous thoughts.

Have you already noticed, when you think about something you see its equal in your outer experience? Sometimes when you feel mediocre you see its manifestation in your reality? We have the power to change that but hold on. There’s things which have to be taken into account.


In a nutshell our life conditions and our reality depends of our perception of the world. We all have different perceptions of the world and it’s up to us to shift. Shifting ourselves by having new habits and dropping others. So we become what we think, become what we’re watching, become like who we spend most of our time with. If we change some aspects of our lives, things will change around us. Including how we are perceived from other people. By the way the aim is shifting ourselves from negative to positive. If you focus on positivity you’ll have a positivity picture in your life. If you focus on negativity, negative situations will pop up into your life.

Feelings and emotions

Here is the most important aspect to be aware of. Feelings pop constantly and it’s normal we feel a certain way. It’s in human nature to feel emotions but we can control them. Not putting energy or attention to negativity we see in the chaos of every day’s life can change our lives. When we put our energy on negativity by reacting to it, we in fact put our energy to it. Our lives depends on how we react to the events around us. Not taking care and indifference to the chaos is the greatest bravery. Most people tend to be sucked into a spiral of events. Reacting to events is a form of procrastination. Not taking care or not giving a f*** determines our happiness and our inner peace. Preservation of our inner peace should guide us towards success.

Social media

Social media is the biggest challenge of our day and age. Because we can connect to our friends and families to see their daily activities. We find information about the current affairs and all kind of distractions. We spend and waste plenty of our times on social media platforms. So I realised even when laughing on negative stuff is a poison for our souls in disguise. I found interesting to do a social media detox during the Ramadan. Following the end of the sacred month I’m less inclined for scrolling. So my productivity, self confidence and focus increases. What I mean is focus on learning business skills and focused on my reading. I don’t use social media before 12 o’clock so that I avoid distractions in the morning to face adversities for the day ahead.

Avoiding distractions doesn’t mean I don’t have fun, but I find enjoyable. Enjoyable how it affects my morning routine which gives me a bigger momentum in my self improvement journey. I used to be scrolling aimlessly since I’ve been on social media like many people. But I took this year’s Ramadan as an opportunity to change and transform myself. I find being less on social media leads to a better time management. This is genuinely transformative for our lives. I encourage you all reading this post to do the same.

We suffer more in imagination than in reality (Seneca)

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