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Loving history and building it for a better world

history helps us to understand the world we live in today. It’s the transition of knowledge by ancients civilizations from around the world at different times of history. The events and situations are the reasons that led us to the world we know today. Conflicts and the merging of categories of population as well as other form of influence of cultures shapes our world and the course of history. All these are swaying the course of our history wherever we are. History is my passion and it has always been my favourite subject at school. I always found interesting to learn more about what happened in the past. The past teaches us not only the mistakes but also the hope for a better future.

History is a tool to figure out the evolution of our world but also the evolution of languages. It’s by the way a mean to kind of predict the future and the evolution of our societies. the past events gives us a clue on how we can improve as people our interactions and understanding towards another people. In a way for respect and healthy relations between the nations and people.

Visiting cities such as Edinburgh, Canterbury or Cambridge brought me joy and excitement by discovering their architecture and their history. Walking through historic spots always catches my curiosity as an individual. My fascination for historical events and historical figures is never fading.

Fascination with stories

As a kid I loved the compilation of stories from civilizations, individuals and their achievements. Also tales inspired by real stories. For me it’s better than made up fiction stories. The authenticity of facts in a story is for me even more exciting. I tell myself “This really happened” so that makes me more diving into the narration. Stories based on real facts is more captivating.

Appreciation of change and inspiration

The world is in constant change and it’s sometimes full of apprehension. History is a mean as a reminder how societies evolves as time goes by. It’s often a mean of guidance through the influential great leaders who shaped our world. Leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther king, Nelson Mandela, Roman Emperors. Or religious figures such as Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Moses. Of course many others are missing but these leaders have to be taken as inspiration for the humanity to move forward. They will still inspire the next generations for the decades and Centuries to come. New generations will have their leaders based on past events and today’s history. This will be depending on how today’s CEO’s, political figures are handling today’s challenges. Whatever challenge it might be their actions but also our actions and behaviour in the present moment influences the future and the course of history. Collective consciousness is key. We will all leave our footprint not matter how.

Verily, God will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” – Quran 13:11 

Each individual is an expression of the collective consciousness of Humanity, and the collective consciousness of Humanity is an expression of the One universal consciousness. (Eckart Tolle)

The world is a projection of our collective consciousness. If our collective consciousness reaches that place of peace, harmony, laughter and love, it will be a different world. (Deepak Chopra)

Westminster Abbey corridor

Discovering where we come from

Few years ago I decided to do a DNA test with 23&me. The company analyses our DNA to determine our ancestry. Our ethnic origins are more complex than we think. So ancestry DNA shows surprising results we might not necessarily expect. So for me it’s interesting how tracing back in ancestry Humanity evolved through the cultural exchanges and mixing. You can understand the geographical regions and the ethnicities your ancestors came from. It can be a validation for family history as well as oral transmission. Of course this can help building a family tree and finding distant or close biological relatives. You can find distant relatives from around the world. Also you can understand who you really are!


To wrap up this article If find necessary to emphasize the adaptability of change in our world. As I always say we can’t control the world and what’s happening. So Adaptability to news perspective in our times is a must. Especially regarding new technologies people found dangerous back in history and turns out to be beneficial in our daily lives. Adapting to new political environment is also crucial for our evolution as rules changes all the time.

Influences of cultures have always been part in this world. And for me every interactions, connections and friends are part of my identity. They are all from different backgrounds, nationalities, religions and it helps me growing. I focus on what they can teach me and the most important is to be like-minded. As I’m building an audience with this blog we can lay our brick for a better world and changing the course of history. The course of history is up to us in taking actions to self improvement and making discoveries. Even thought as little as the action might be.

The Edinburgh’s hill

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together (Vincent Van Gogh)

The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones (Chinese proverb)

Tenerife’s Mountains

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