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Learning new skills

In personal growth and wellbeing I found how learning new skills is important. This is something I want to demonstrate in this post that growing cannot be possible without learning. Learning is not just regarding new skills but also our mistakes and reviewing or tweak what doesn’t work. It’s also our lives experiences such as trauma, trauma or uncomfortable situations. This is what I love to call opportunities. Learning new skills is important regarding adaptability in a constant evolution world, career advancement, problem-solving, cognitive health and empowerment. It also leads to be in a community of like-minded people and sharing knowledge. Learning business, sales, creating better quality content, freelance is also in my bucket list. Creating a community is what I work on everyday.

Challenging ourselves

No days passing by without challenging myself. Whether in physical exercise or learning new skills. This week I’ve decided to increase my exercise. I ran every evening after work and feeling knackered and freeing my mind at the end of the day and improving my sleep. I’ve woken up in the morning during my time off telling myself I have to go through discomfort even more. As I used to cycle quite often before going to the gym. I told myself what about combining with swimming? Because I love swimming and keen to improve my front crawl. I said after my morning rituals “LET’S DO THIS!” By the way the weather was sunny and hot in London so I took this opportunity. The opportunity of discomfort by sweating and being consistent in running and cycling. Followed by diving into the swimming pool at the Brockwell Lido. My insight is that stretching myself physically and mentally helps me to appreciate the discomfort of learning new skills. In a way of expanding my horizon far beyond I can imagine.

Creativity and leisure

Creativity is fun! We all have thousands of thoughts per day. Our thoughts and what we are watching or listening not only shape our reality but also our creativity. The quality of our sleep plays a big part in our cognitive faculties. I love to say let your creativity flow! It’s a form of leisure as I can pick idea coming to my mind. This is when the fun happens and we all have our own field of creative mastery. Human creativity is limitless! We are in fact unlimited beings constantly untapping what’s within ourselves. The human brain is unimaginably powerful and scientists always discover new things about it. The Human brain has still many unsolved mysteries and our understanding and curiosity is never failing.

Visualization and imagery

Unleashing our potential is a form of expression in our Human nature. We always find new ways to create things. All inventors or business owners started with a vision in their mind before undertaking anything. Visualizing with a burning desire against all the odds by remaining stoic and full of faith. It’s been proven scientifically that when you have a vision combined with feelings your body cells react to what you’re giving out. It’s by the way a technique used by athletes to improve their performance. They put themselves in condition to improve their performance step by step. The mental rehearsal can apply to anything we want in our lives.

The morning is for me the best time of the day to focus on my goals and the day ahead with many challenges. Evenings are also the opportunity to slow down when I get home by putting my phone away. And practising visualization when I lye down on my bed by closing my eyes and falling asleep.

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